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2022 Guide: Top Brands For Male Enhancers

2022 Guide: Top Brands For Male Enhancers

Our research team did the work, so you can get the most
AMAZING Male Performance Results!

After this research report, you’ll discover:

  1. Rule #1 - Always check the supplements label before buying!
  2. The Top 5 Male Enhancement Brands of 2022.
  3. The most effective natural ingredients for male enhancers.
  4. The scams to look out for.

What would your life be like if you had harder erections, more testosterone, better performance, and even better stamina? If you’ve been having trouble in the bedroom, it can affect more than just your sexual life, and that’s why you need to take action.

Luckily, help is here! We understand how important it is for men to perform successfully when the time demands it, so don’t wait – get started today! A new life of sexual adventures awaits! Click here to see our top rated supplements for stronger erection and stamina.

We will tell you what the
Good, the Better and the Best is and Why!

Here at Healthy Reviews, we’ve assembled a team of experts who are well trained in male enhancers, specifically brands with natural ingredients. We are the ONLY UNBIASED, PROFESSIONAL male enhancement review site on the web. We have helped over 18 MILLION CLIENTS with all of their male enhancement needs since 2001. Our team has 40+ years combined experience studying the effectiveness and potency of male pills. We’ve spent countless hours putting together a thorough report on male products so that men can live normal life. What the team discovered is that the top 1% of brands deliver astonishing results, while over 94% of products consistently underperform.

How To Find Good Male Enhancement?

It takes a lot of work to find a supplement that works, and that goes double for male enhancement supplements. Because there’s so much misinformation on the internet, and because there are so many scams, we wanted to write a guide that would help steer men clear of the garbage.

After doing in-depth research on the top brands, we realized that men are buying supplements that are low in quality and even contain harmful ingredients. But it’s not their fault – it’s because the companies out there selling them to you are outright lying.
According to our findings, a majority of supplement companies out there don’t have your best interests in mind and are out to take your money by any means necessary.

There are dozens, even hundreds of products out there, but not all of them are worth your time. The male enhancement industry is full of pitfalls and traps, but luckily our guide will help you steer clear of these traps and find the products that actually work.

What Do You Look For In A Male Enhancement Product?

The best male enhancement products use multiple modes of action to boost your sexual performance. First, it will promote increased blood circulation*. Then it will boost your arousal*, and increase your body’s level of free testo*. These different modes of action will lead to a range of different effects on your body and can help with everything from your stamina to your sexual appetite, to your ability to jump into the “action” at a moment’s notice.

The best male enhancement supplements will contain ingredients that have been researched and studied for their effectiveness, and will come with scientific testing that demonstrates their ability to work. The following guide will help you to understand what the best supplements will claim to do, and what their ingredients will help with. Click here to find out what supplement was rated as #1 in category "Best Male Enhancements of 2022"

The Best Ingredients For Male Enhancements:

Check out the list below for the best, most effective ingredients available in a male performance. These ingredients are powerful on their own, but they’re even better when combined in exact quantities. In the right doses, they make the best natural male enhancement supplements of all time.

Horny Goat Weed: Also called Epimedium, this plant is popular in traditional Asian medicines for its sex drive-boosting qualities1. It contains icariin, a chemical which is supposed to increase blood flow to the genitals.
Wild Yam: This root contains diosgenin, a chemical that’s supposed to act as a precursor2 to different hormones in the body.
Nettle Extract: The extract of this plant is used for many medicinal purposes, including decreasing inflammation and increasing male endocrine health3.
Tongkat Ali: A popular aphrodisiac that’s supposed to work by increasing the amount of free testo4 in the body, making it a great choice for men (or women) who want to increase their sex drive.


The Scams To Look Out For

Scam #1: The Fake Promises

“Free” may sound good, but remember: these people are here to make money. For years people have been ripped off by promises of free merchandise, but if you read up on it, you’ll find that many of these people have been signed up for secret charges, fees, and other fine print. The result has been hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted, lawsuits filed, and SEC injunctions! Only buy from companies that plainly advertise what they’re offering, and if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

Scam #2: Fake or Poor Ingredients

A supplement is only as good as its ingredients, and that means if the ingredients are poor, the supplement won’t work! Lots of supplements are made from low-grade ingredients, or have been contaminated with other products that can lower their effectiveness.

Scam #3: Deceptive Rebranding

Companies these days are trying to maximize their income by pushing the same product under multiple names, with multiple websites (and even multiple company names!) all in an effort to cast a wider net and get more sales. That means you’re getting the same low-quality product, not a better one! Check out these three images of the same type of website, same ingredients, but different product names:


Click here if you want to check reviews on best male enhancements on the market.
We’ve been in this business a while, so we know by now what to watch out for. Here’s our list of the things to watch out for:

“Free Trial” Offer
This one has gotten a lot of people into trouble, and several companies too! The con is always the same: promise a “free trial” in exchange for credit card information, sign them up for recurring charges unless they “cancel” within the set time limit, and ignore their requests to cancel as long as you can while you rake in the money! Best to avoid these altogether, because even if you think you know better, they can still get you.

Made In A Foreign Country
We’re not saying you should never trust a company in a foreign country, but when it comes to supplements, it’s better to buy domestic. It’s for the simple reason that the United States has stringent standards for food safety, and so when you buy a supplement made in an FDA-inspected facility, you know it’s going to be pure and free of contaminants. Other countries have weaker standards, meaning you might end up with undisclosed ingredients or different ingredients from the ones advertised.

Endorsement from Celebrities
Have you noticed how many low-quality supplements nowadays come “backed” by a famous musician, athlete, or actor? How likely do you really think it is that these people have actually tried what they’re hawking? The truth is that these people need to get paid, and sponsoring products is one way – whether they’ve tried it or not. This isn’t a sign of quality, it’s a sign of desperation. A really good product doesn’t need an endorsement, because it speaks for itself.

Learn The Truth Before You Buy!

The world of supplements is a tricky, complex mess, and our years of research have told us that the vast majority of companies out there (95%+) have no business making supplements. Low-quality ingredients, bad business practices, and terrible customer service plague the supplement industry and make it tough for customers.

But there are some decent products out there.

To help customers find these products, we went through tons of data and compared ingredients, formulas, and doses, as well as customer service records and business practices. The result is a list of the BEST mens enhancement supplements, ranked by the following categories:

  1. 1. Quickness Of Results
  2. 2. Quality of Ingredients
  3. 3. Enlargement Power*
  1. 4. Testosterone Booster*
  2. 5. Long-Term Results*
  3. 6. User Safety
  1. 7. Consumer Reviews
  2. 8. Money-Back Guarantee
  3. 9. Price Point

Overall Rating98%
Safety Compliance97%
Ingredient Quality98%
Long-Term Results99%
Price: $36.99
Official Site:
Guarantee: Money Back
Autoship: No
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UPDATE 09.22.2020: Testomentin is offering a 50% Off (Limited Time Offer)

Over 3,945 consumers voted Testomentin as the #1 male enhancement supplement*. It contains an amazing formula that can help you increase libido and stamina*. It also supports stronger erections and boosts testo levels*.

We wholeheartedly believe in this brand. Testomentin is made from 100% natural ingredients and contains zero fillers and artificial ingredients. The ingredients have all undergone scientific testing, and the product itself comes with a Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee. See Testomentin Official Site »


  • All-natural, powerful ingredients making up a revolutionary formula
  • Improves blood flow for firmer erections, increases hormone levels and libido, increases ejaculate volume and sperm count for added virility, has extremely low risk of side effects
  • Doctor recommended*
  • All ingredients tested for their effectiveness in clinical trials
  • Works in as little as a few days
  • Has researched ingredients, Made in GMP and FDA approved facility*
  • No synthetic ingredients or fillers


  • No same-day or overnight shipping option
  • Only available for purchase online

It’s also made in the USA. The pills are made in a cGMP-audited facility that passes FDA standards for ingredient purity and manufacturing quality.

We also give their customer service an “A”, which is better than 92% of companies out there. The downside to this product is that it’s sometimes out of stock. So, if you do purchase, be sure to buy more since they can’t keep it on their shelves.

* Disclaimer: Results are individual and may vary

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#2 Male UltraCore

Overall Rating91%
Safety Compliance92%
Ingredient Quality89%
Long-Term Results91%
Price: $89.95
Guarantee: Money Back
Autoship: No
See the Lowest Price Read full review

The runner-up is Male UltraCore, rated as #2 male enhancement product that’s aimed at men over 50 who want to increase testo levels, increase their sexual stamina, and boost their sexual energy. While it’s marketed like other male enhancement supplements, Male UltraCore is mainly a testo supplement and doesn’t focus on aphrodisiacs. We like this product because not only is it an all-natural product (which goes a long way these days) but it comes with lots of positive customer reviews. It’s tested by third parties and comes with a standard 30-day return policy.


  • All-natural ingredients in formula
  • Increases testo levels and sexual stamina
  • Doctor recommended*
  • Tongkat Ali is a powerful and effective way to naturally improve the body’s ability to increase libido levels
  • Good consumer feedback


  • It has a very little amount of those useful ingredients in its blend
  • High price of the supplement
  • Some ingredients are not from USA
  • There are some minor reports about side effects

If you come across this supplement, it’s possible it might do the trick, but for those of you who look for red flags, it might be hard to ignore them.

#3 Herbolab Tongkat Ali

Overall Rating90%
Safety Compliance91%
Ingredient Quality89%
Long-Term Results93%
Price: $69.99
Guarantee: Money Back
Autoship: No
See the Lowest Price Read full review

Number three on the list is Herbolab Tongkat Ali. Unlike our #1 choice, Herbolab Tongkat Ali is mostly a testo supplement for which male sexual enhancement is more of an afterthought. Unlike choice #2, it’s aimed at men who are over the age of 40, men who want a stronger libido, more sexual stamina and drive. We want to note that Herbolab Tongkat Ali is made by a quality company and can be found on many e-commerce sites.

Unfortunately, since it’s tough to tell which sites are associated with the brand, it’s almost impossible to tell which reviews are truly authentic and unbiased. Like the other two choices on this list, it’s made in a laboratory that’s been vetted by third-party organizations and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • All-natural ingredients in formula
  • Increases sex drive and sexual stamina
  • Popular brand with reputable manufacturer
  • Good consumer feedback


  • It’s impossible to tell which reviews are truly authentic and unbiased
  • High price of the supplement
  • Few ingredients are not well researched
  • Some users report minor side effects

While there’s a chance that you’ll get some sexual “boost” from this product, it’s unlikely you’ll see a high rise in your testost levels, so if that’s what you’re after, then you might want to look somewhere else. Otherwise, you might want to give it a try, if you can afford it.

#4 Male XL

Overall Rating86%
Safety Compliance84%
Ingredient Quality86%
Long-Term Results83%
Price: $48.90
Guarantee: Money Back
Autoship: No
See the Lowest Price Read full review

Male XL is a male enhancement supplement that pledges to boost your sex drive. It’s available in pill form, and can be purchased online at a variety of outlets. More recently it’s become difficult to find, but if you can get your hands on it you’re one of the few. It’s a natural formula from what we’ve seen, and looks to contain a decent combination of ingredients. The company is a little hard to get in touch with and doesn’t appear to have their own website.


  • Natural ingredients in formula
  • Increases sex drive and sexual stamina
  • Available on Amazon


  • Few ingredients are not well researched
  • Doesn’t have web site
  • High price of the supplement
  • There are some minor reports about side effects

This product is also a little hard to find, and the price is pretty high for what it is. Our recommendation is that if you want to try it, it couldn’t hurt, but you could do a lot better with the other choices out there.

#5 SizeGenix

Overall Rating82%
Safety Compliance83%
Ingredient Quality81%
Long-Term Results85%
Price: $44.94
Guarantee: Money Back
Autoship: No
See the Lowest Price Read full review

SizeGenix is a natural men’s enhancement supplement that promises to make your erection bigger, your sex driver better, and to improve stamina. It’s available from a variety of different outlets including Amazon and the product’s official website. While it has a lot of over-the-top advertising promising accolades and reviews from adult film stars like Ron Jeremy, and contains lots of hyper-sexualized images on its website, the product is more than hype: it actually contains some decent ingredients.


  • Natural ingredients in formula
  • Increases sex drive and sexual stamina
  • Available on Amazon


  • It has a very little amount of those useful ingredients in its blend
  • High price of the supplement
  • There are some minor reports about side effects

SizeGenix contains a formula with a unique ingredient, butea superba, which holds some promise in scientific trials trying to find ways to end erectile dysfunction. The other ingredients are pretty decent too, although it’s important to remember that not every pill with the same ingredients will work like the others, because it’s also about dosage strength.