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RediMind Review

#3 Rated Supplement Of 2024
176 Reviews - 4.5/5.0
Overall Rating75%
Product Quality76%
Immediate Results78%
Long Term Results76%
Consumer Satisfaction74%
Less Side Effects72%

Price: $39.95
Guarantee: 100% Money Back
Autoship: No
Price: $39.95
Guarantee: 100% Money Back
Autoship: No
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RediMind made it to the #3 spot on our list. Here’s why.

RediMind is a natural supplement which promises to help support memory and cognitive function in people who want an extra edge. Its formula is all natural, contains well-researched ingredients, and is okay for people who are vegan or gluten free. While it can be found on Amazon, it can also be found on the company’s official website. The company claims that it’s also been used in a clinical trial, and that it led to higher results on a short-term memory test in those who took it, which puts it above many other similar products.


  • Contains major ingredients bacopa monnieri and huperzine
  • Formula consists largely of all-natural ingredients
  • Each bottle lasts a full month
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Large number of good customer ratings


  • Limited ingredient diversity
  • Company has bad review grade on Fakespot

What Are The Ingredients?

The company behind this product, Nutreance, says this product is not only effective, but is based on sound science, partly due to the clinical trial it was subjected to. The primary formula consists of natural plant extracts and natural organic chemicals.

Here are some of the standout ingredients:

Bacopa monnieri: An herb used in Ayurvedic medicine for improving memory and cognition. It’s supposed to work through a combination of 1) preventing the deterioration of choline, a vital neurotransmitter, and 2) balanced out neurochemicals helping provide optimal brain function. Several studies have beared this out, making it an exciting new prospect in cognitive health.

Gingko Biloba: The extract from the leaves of this tree has been used since ancient times for helping with a variety of problems, from cognitive decline to high blood pressure. There have been some promising results for its potential effect on reducing the effects of Alzheimer’s in patients.

Alpha GPC: This compound helps to deliver choline across the blood-brain barrier. Choline, as we’ve stated, is important in creating acetylcholine, a vital neurotransmitter that helps thoughts and instructions pass from cell to cell, allowing for better mental performance in the best of circumstances.

Huperzine: An alkaloid found in a type of moss used also in traditional Asian medicine for cognition. It’s supposed to work by preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine, keeping the brain and its neurotransmission working properly and not degrading.

Effects: GOOD

  • Helps short-term memory a lot
  • Maintains mental alertness levels
  • Promotes better focus, prevents degradation
  • Makes you feel better in general

Effects: BAD

  • Takes a while to work
  • Could be more powerful


RediMind is really a decent supplement, offering a clinically-tested solution for those who want to boost their cognitive health and abilities. It contains natural, tested ingredients, and shows no sign of giving you any side effects.

However there are a few things which may make some people be less likely to try it. The first is that the product doesn’t contain many ingredients – about 6 in total – which makes it less likely to be a good all-around solution for cognitive boosting. More complementary ingredients might have made it more impressive. The company has also received a negative grade from Fakespot, with reports indicating that many of the “good” reviews of their products may be suspect, from being solicited to outright made-up. The jury is out on that, though.

If you want the reassurance of a cognitive support supplement that’s had clinical trials done on it, this is probably the nootropic for you. Otherwise, you might want to keep on looking.

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