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Super Joint Support Review

#3 Rated Supplement Of 2024
267 Reviews - 4.6/5.0
Overall Rating75%
Product Quality78%
Immediate Results79%
Long Term Results71%
Consumer Satisfaction74%
Less Side Effects73%

Price: $52.94
Guarantee: 100% Money Back
Autoship: No
Price: $52.94
Guarantee: 100% Money Back
Autoship: No
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Super Joint Support made it to the #3 spot on our list. Here’s why.

Super Joint Support is a natural supplement which promises to help support joint function in people who are dealing with the effects of long-term joint wear and damage. Its formula is all natural, contains well-researched ingredients, and is okay for people who are soy, dairy, or gluten free. While it can be found on Amazon, it can also be found on a website called “,” but that seems to be about it.


  • Contains major ingredients chondroitin and glucosamine
  • Formula consists largely of all-natural ingredients
  • Soy, Dairy, and Gluten Free
  • Decent number of good customer ratings


  • High price
  • Not suitable for vegan/vegetarians or those with shellfish allergies

What Are The Ingredients?

The company behind this product, Living Well Nutraceuticals, says this product is not only effective, but is based on sound science. The primary formula consists of natural plant and animal extracts, as well as a large number of vitamins and minerals which are supposed to help with joint health.

Here are some of the standout ingredients:

Hydrolysate Collagen 2: A type of collagen which is more easily digestible by the body. Collagen forms an important part of the structure of the joints, and natural health practitioners claim that by consuming collagen that your body will have more of the “building blocks” to create and repair joint tissue.

Glucosamine: A natural component of cartilage, one of the components that makes up cartilage. Like collagen, consuming glucosamine is supposed to promote stronger joints and reduced long-term damage. Tests with canines have indicated there is some truth to this claim.

Chondroitin: Another important part of cartilage, chondroitin has long track record of being used to reduce wear to the joints and promote better long-term joint health. It’s usually taken in conjunction with glucosamine.

White Willow Bark: Used since ancient Greek times, white willow bark has been referred to as “nature’s aspirin” for its effectiveness as a natural pain reliever. This is due to its content of the chemical salicin, which is similar to aspirin.

Effects: GOOD

  • Helps joint strength
  • Maintain joint density
  • Promotes better levels of activity
  • Reduces joint pain

Effects: BAD

  • Takes a while to work
  • Could be more powerful


Super Joint Support is really a decent supplement, offering a solid way for people to get their joint health under control. It contains natural, tested ingredients, which for most people should be a sign that it’s worth trying.

However there are a few things which may make some people be less likely to try it. The first is that the pills contain glucosamine derived from shellfish, which may make those with that allergy stay clear of it. The product’s price is also rather high at around $52. While those with more cash to burn might find it worth it, those looking for a long-term solution to their joint problems will find that the money adds up really quick.

If you’re interested in a more expensive natural joint health supplement and don’t care about how much you’re spending, Super Joint Support isn’t a bad choice to make.

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