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Herbolab Review

#3 Rated Supplement Of 2024
335 Reviews - 4.5/5.0
Overall Rating90%
Product Quality89%
Immediate Results91%
Long Term Results89%
Consumer Satisfaction93%
Less Side Effects87%

Price: $69.99
Guarantee: 100% Money Back
Autoship: No
Price: $69.99
Guarantee: 100% Money Back
Autoship: No
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Herbolab made it to the #3 spot on our list.
Here’s why.

Herbolab is a testosterone booster supplement that promises to increase men’s level of testosterone. The outcome of more testosterone is supposed to be more energy, higher sex drive, and an easier time building muscle. It claims to be doctor recommended, and has a mostly natural formula of ingredients. It can be found through Amazon as well as other internet marketplaces, but you should make sure you only buy approved versions, as knock-offs and expired pills abound online.


  • All-natural ingredients in formula
  • Increases sex drive and sexual stamina
  • Popular brand with reputable manufacturer
  • Good consumer feedback


  • It’s impossible to tell which reviews are truly authentic and unbiased
  • High price of the supplement
  • Few ingredients are not well researched
  • Some users report minor side effects

What Are The Ingredients?

The primary formula for this product consists of plant extracts, plus additional vitamin and mineral supplements to help provide what some men might not have enough of in their diet. There are some synthetic ingredients in the pills, but they’re inactive.

Here is the advertised formula:

L-Arginine: An important amino acid that converts to nitric oxide while in the blood, which opens up the blood vessels and allows more blood to flow to the extremities – especially the genitalia.

Shilajit Extract: An important ingredient in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, it’s a sticky substance found on rocks in the Himalayas and is made up of centuries of plant decomposition. It contains fulvic acid, which is supposed to reduce inflammation and improve oxygen delivery.

Tribulus Terrestris: This is a popular ingredient in the world of sex drive supplements, as traditional herbalists have used it to stimulate sexual desire in both men and women.

Effects: GOOD

  • Seems to increase interest in sex
  • Increased blood flow

Effects: BAD

  • Not very powerful
  • Doesn’t increase energy
  • Doesn’t increase testosterone levels


Herbolab contains a very small formula, but the ingredients themselves come highly recommended from natural health experts. That said, there are a few problems with the product. First it has a very small formula, with only three ingredients. The second is that it’s not very natural, containing additional unnecessary ingredients like shellac, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and croscarmellose sodium.

Natural supplements are much preferred these days to synthetics, which this seems to contain quite a bit of.

While there’s a chance that you’ll get some sexual “boost” from this product, it’s unlikely you’ll see a rise in your testosterone levels, so if that’s what you’re after, then you might want to look somewhere else. Otherwise, you might want to give it a try, if you can afford it.

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